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1. What Is A Short Kimono?

First and foremost, the kimono is considered a traditional garment in Japanese culture. It dates back to the 5th century and is still a part of Japanese culture today. It has a rich history for the Japanese people.

A traditional kimono is t-shaped with large bell like sleeves. The silhouette of a kimono is typically very boxy. Kimonos are usually silk but also come in satin, crepe and linen. Most are bright in color with a floral pattern. They are worn over the left side unless the person is deceased and therefore the kimono is worn over the right side. The kimono is tied with a sash called an obi and the specific way to tie it is called an obi knot. The traditional kimono actually consists of 12 different layers and is very heavy when worn! It is worn by both men and women.

The short kimono, also called Haori, is a lightweight coat that was traditionally worn several ways by different groups of people.  Even today is an essential feature of the ceremonial kimono attire for men, along with the Hakama.  The Haori was not worn by women until the Edo period (1615-1868) when geisha started to wear the garment in imitation of men's kimono attire.  Women later wore the Haori mainly to prevent their clothes from becoming dirty or wet when out - it was worn as outerwear.  Originally, the short kimono was worn exclusively by the upper classes, gradually becoming allowable for lower class wear.


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2. Tips on How to Style A Short Kimono


  • You can wear a short kimono open with the tie hanging in the back. This is a laid back look and typically worn in the warmer months.
  • Wearing a short kimono tied gives a more structured look and is the traditional way to wear a women’s kimono.
  • Adding a leather or woven belt can help structure the look as well as add a boho spin.
  • Large statement jewelry goes hand in hand with a kimono.
  • Graphic tees are a great way to mix prints with graphics and gives a more laid back look. It adds a bit of edge to an otherwise feminine look.
  • Denim shorts can be worn under short kimonos and give a fun summer look. The kimono calms down the “trashy” look cutoff shorts can give. Plus, a kimono adds a bit of coverage.
  • Skinny blue jeans look great with short kimonos and can give a more streamlined look.
  • High heels pull a short kimono look together and give it a more night time look.
  • A solid color dress whether form fitting or loose looks great with a short kimono.


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3. Beachside Bliss: Short Kimonos

Picture this: you're strutting your stuff along the sandy shores, the sun kissing your skin, and a gentle ocean breeze whispering sweet nothings. The perfect beach day, right? Enter the short kimono, your new BFF for those sizzling seaside moments.


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Short kimonos are like the sassy, free-spirited cousin of their longer counterparts. They're all about channeling your inner boho goddess while keeping things light, airy, and oh-so-flirty. These little numbers are designed to be fuss-free, so you can easily slip them on over your swimsuit or pair them with denim shorts and a cute crop top. Instant beach babe status achieved!

But that's not all, darlings. Short kimonos for women are the masters of versatility. Need a cover-up for your poolside rendezvous? Voilà! Looking to rock some festival chic vibes? They've got your back. Throw them over a mini dress, style them with ripped jeans, or even slip one on and then tie the bottom part at your waist to create a flirty crop top. These kimonos are all about making waves wherever you go.


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4. How to Style a Short Kimono

So, have you figured out how to wear a ladies short kimono yet? There are various ways to fashion the good ol’ silk short robe, ranging from high-waisted jeans to body con dresses. If you’re looking to up your Instagram game, we’ll share some styling tips to consider. 

  • Leave the front open: If the rest of your outfit involves graphics, embellishments, and patterns, it’s best to leave your kimono unwrapped. Not only does it show the rest of the ensemble, but it’s considered a smart way to layer an OOTD.
  • Wrap it up: For those wondering how to wear a kimono traditionally, we suggest tying it at the front. It’s a great way to keep loud outfits noise-free.
  • Belts: Most kimonos come with intricate patterns and loud colors. With that in mind, we recommend topping your look off with an embellished belt. 
  • Statement jewelry: This styling tip follows the same logic as the belt. Loud print marries well with bling, such as hoop earrings or stacked necklaces.
  • Graphic tees: The best way to style a kimono casually is to wear a vintage graphic tee. Don’t forget to top the look off with a pair of distressed jeans.


japanese short kimono dress  ladies short kimono


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