Silk Gifts for Your 12th Wedding Anniversary

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1. What Are The Rules For Anniversary Gifts?

 1st Anniversary Paper 2nd Anniversary Cotton 3rd Anniversary Leather
4th Anniversary Fruit or Flowers 5th Anniversary Wood 6th Anniversary Candy or Iron
7th Anniversary Wool or Copper 8th Anniversary Pottery or Bronze 9th Anniversary Willow or Pottery
10th Anniversary Tin or Aluminum 11th Anniversary Steel 12th Anniversary Silk or Linen
13th Anniversary Lace 14th Anniversary Gold Jewelry 15th Anniversary Crystal
16th Anniversary Wax or Silverware 17th Anniversary Furniture 18th Anniversary Porcelain
19th Anniversary Bronze 20th Anniversary China 21st Anniversary Fire (theme)
22nd Anniversary  Water (theme) 23rd Anniversary Air (theme) 24th Anniversary Stone (theme)
25th Anniversary Silver 26th Anniversary Art 27th Anniversary Music
28th Anniversary Linens 29th Anniversary Tools 30th Anniversary Pearls
31st Anniversary Travel 32nd Anniversary Bronze 33rd Anniversary Iron
34th Anniversary Food 35th Anniversary Coral 36th Anniversary Antiques
37th Anniversary Books 38th Anniversary Luck (theme) 39th Anniversary Laughter (theme)
40th Anniversary Ruby 41st Anniversary Office or Desk Decor 42nd Anniversary Clocks or Watches
43rd Anniversary Entertainment (theme) 44rd Anniversary Electronics (theme) 45th Anniversary Sapphire
46th Anniversary Games 47th Anniversary Garden or Plants 48th Anniversary Home Improvement (theme)
49th Anniversary Copper 50th Anniversary Gold 51st Anniversary Photos or Cameras
52nd Anniversary Bath or Spa (theme) 53rd Anniversary Plastic 54th Anniversary Glass
55th Anniversary Emerald 56th Anniversary Day (theme) 57th Anniversary Night (theme)
58th Anniversary Faith and Hope (theme) 59th Anniversary Charity (theme) 60th Anniversary Diamond


2. How Much Should You Spend On Wedding Anniversary Gift?

An anniversary gift can vary in price, but a good guideline would be to spend $100 or less, adding that her top choices run the gamut from a bouquet of flowers in a crystal vase to a nice bottle of champagne with custom monogrammed wine glasses. And remember that a thoughtful note should always be included.

Whether it’s the first or the 50th or any year in between, wedding anniversaries are meant to be celebrated! Much as birth stones and birth month flowers are associated with each month of the year, certain gifts are connected with specific wedding anniversaries.

It’s not known when or how the concept of anniversary gifts by year appeared, though it’s long been a tradition in many cultures. Mentions of specific wedding anniversaries start to show up in the 19th century, such as in a British article from 1811 describing a celebration that is “a common custom in Holland when a couple has lived together 25 years…to give a festival on the occasion; this is called a silver wedding.” An 1843 magazine article mentions a similar 25th wedding anniversary celebration in Germany when the wife was gifted a silver crown.

The custom continued to evolve so that by the end of the century, many different etiquette books listed wedding anniversaries and the appropriate gifts for each year. In 1923, Emily Post’s book Etiquette in Society, in Business, in Politics and at Home outlined suggestions. Also in the ‘20s and ‘30s, trade organizations such as jewelers hopped onto the trend in order to encourage the giving of specific jewelry pieces for each anniversary.


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3. What Is The Meaning of Silk Wedding Anniversary

Luxury silk makes a stylish gift for nearly any occasion. But a wedding anniversary is truly one of our favorite occasions for giving silk. After all, on a date where a couple celebrates their love and commitment, a gift of silk is a welcome invitation to turn up the romance and luxury. Interestingly enough, silk is also a traditional gift for the 12th wedding anniversary. Silk was chosen as a 12th wedding anniversary because it symbolizes strength and elegance.


silk anniversary pillowcase gift  silk anniversary pillowcase gifts


The classic theme for 12 years of marriage is silk. That's because, at this point in your romance, many husbands and wives find married life to be smoother than ever. By now, you may feel completely settled in your home, more experienced as parents, or successful at another long-term goal. Embrace this period of bliss with a material known for its comfy properties. If that's not reason enough to give your partner something made of silk, consider the fact that it's pretty luxurious—it's been over a decade, so go ahead and treat your lovebird!

Of course, traditional anniversary gifts are just that: a tradition. Modern gift giving need not be constrained by these -- or any -- rules. But our silk makes some of the best anniversary gifts we can think of. Take a look at this list of silk wedding anniversary gift ideas to gather inspiration for your gifting to your spouse, yourselves, or as a special treat for another couple.


silk anniversary eyemask gift  silk anniversary eyemask gifts


Silk is unlike any other fabric on Earth. For more than four centuries, silk has been prized for not only its stunning look and feel, but also its unique benefits to beauty and wellness that you won’t find in any other fabric:

  • Tames tangles, frizz, and breakage
  • Keeps hair and skin naturally moisturized
  • Minimizes sleep wrinkles
  • Regulates body temperature in all seasons (silk is the ideal fabric for bed linen)
  • Resists dust mites and mold
  • Protects against allergies and irritation (silk is naturally hypoallergenic)
  • A silk gift delivers beauty and wellness to its lucky recipient!



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