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If you are getting ready to celebrate your upcoming 12th wedding anniversary, there is no better way to commemorate this milestone than with the traditional gift of silk. We also share our top tips of what to keep in mind when shopping for anniversary silk presents for your loved ones along with our chosen selection of luxury silk gifts to truly indulge them on this special wedding anniversary. 

1. The Tradition of Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The 12th year of marriage was designated with silk and linen in this long-standing tradition.

Silk, known for its strength and durability, symbolises the resilience of the couple's relationship by the twelfth year. It represents the intricate weaving of their life together, their adaptability, and the luxury that they've come to share - a true testament to the endurance of their love. 

Did you know? In the UK, the 4th wedding anniversary gift is also a gift of silk, so there are two opportunities to indulge them in luxurious silk pieces! Here we share the benefits of silk presents for wedding for him and her.

  • The beauty benefits of silk for skin and hair
  • Silk fabric is well known for its luxury and elegance. Beyond its appealing sheen and smoothness, silk also offers numerous wellness and beauty benefits. 


silk anniversary gift eyemask  silk anniversary gift eyemasks


2. Silk Pillow Cover

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase has become one of the fastest growing beauty trends over the last few years, given silk's natural smooth texture providing a number of benefits for skin and hair. It is also a good idea of silk gift for men. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase has been hailed to be 'anti-ageing' due to the reduced friction against skin overnight leading to less creases forming on skin. Silk fabric is also naturally hydrating as it absorbs less moisture compared to materials such as cotton, which means that it helps to keep skin and hair hydrated overnight as you sleep.


silk anniversary gift pillowcase  silk anniversary gift pillow cover


3. Silk Sleep Eye Mask

Does your partner struggle to sleep at night? Using an eye mask for sleeping is one of the easiest ways to improve sleep quality by blocking out the light and promoting a more peaceful and undisturbed sleep.

Our 100% silk eye mask offers the ultimate luxury sleeping experience. An eye mask a great gift for anyone who appreciates good sleep or could use a little help with unwinding - whilst a silk eye mask adds an extra touch of luxury and comfort against your skin as you sleep, it also comes with a number of beauty benefits - it's a win win!


silk anniversary gift sleep eye masks  silk anniversary gift sleep eye masks for ladies


4. Silk Hair Tie

A silk hair tie is also good for hair, as the reduced friction against hair overnight helps to reduce hair tangling and tugging, which helps to promote hair health overnight as you sleep.

Silk is a natural fibre and contains lots of useful proteins that are known for their ability to rejuvenate the hair. It’s able to do this as it contains several of the amino acids that are needed to produce keratin. As the keratin penetrates the hair, it builds a defence against breakage by forming a protective barrier on the hair, increasing its elasticity and smoothing strands together.

So - if you are looking for the perfect 12 year anniversary gift it is clear that 100% silk gifts are the best choice! When you gift silk, you're gifting a luxurious experience that promotes relaxation, wellness, and better sleep along with a number of beauty benefits too, making a silk gift the perfect anniversary gift for her or him.


silk anniversary gift hair tie  silk anniversary gift hair ties for ladies



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