Indulge in Comfort and Style: The Ulivary Way of Life

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We live in a fast-paced world where everything is centered around productivity and efficiency. Often, we forget to cherish the moments of calm and tranquility. But what if I tell you, you could wear your comfort, not only in the quiet moments of solitude but also in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Welcome to Ulivary, where aesthetics meets comfort, fashion meets coziness, and style is synonymous with relaxation.


From Dawn to Dusk in Ulivary


Garden Crane Blue Kimono Robe


Morning is a serene symphony of sounds and colors, as the world rouses from its slumber and the sun casts a warm, golden glow. Imagine rising with the sun, stretching out your arms, and sliding them into the soft embrace of an Ulivary velvet robe. As the silky fabric glides across your skin, it creates an aura of calm and tranquility. The day begins with an invigorating cup of coffee, as you lounge in your Ulivary robe, its rich velvet material a perfect complement to the quiet morning.

As you transition into work mode, your Ulivary robe doesn’t need to be discarded, but instead transforms into a fashion-forward piece. Picture your home office; it's time for your daily Zoom call. You're seated comfortably, wrapped in your Ulivary kimono-style robe. Paired with a basic black top, form-fitting jeans, your robe becomes an attention-grabbing fashion statement, elevating your work-from-home look to a new level of style and elegance. The velvet robe is a testament to the beautiful blend of aesthetics and comfort that Ulivary epitomizes.


Short Kimono Robe bamboo Short Kimono Robe bamboo


As the afternoon sun bathes your room in a warm, soft light, you find yourself transitioning from work to relaxation. And your Ulivary robe remains your faithful companion, as flexible and adaptable as your day. Styled open, worn over a trendy graphic tee and casual shorts, your robe lends an air of easy, relaxed chic to your ensemble. The afternoon is yours, and whether you choose to read a book by the window or watch a movie curled up on the couch, your Ulivary robe is there to ensure you lounge in absolute comfort and style.

The evening holds the promise of excitement and glamour. Picture the fading daylight, replaced by the twinkling city lights. An elegant dinner or a cocktail party calls for a unique ensemble, and your Ulivary robe is ready for the transformation. Envisage your robe, cinched at the waist with a stylish belt, becoming a stunning maxi dress. Teamed with a pair of strappy heels, some dainty jewelry, and a bold, red lip, your Ulivary robe transitions from daytime comfort to nighttime elegance. The soft velvet and the lustrous charmeuse catch the light, making you shine through the night.


Floral Pajama Set 3 Pcs


From the break of dawn to the stroke of midnight, Ulivary’s robes become your all-day companions, meeting all your fashion needs without compromising on comfort. The Ulivary robe embodies the brand's vision - a vision of aesthetic beauty, stylish comfort, and a celebration of everyday elegance. It's not just a robe; it's an experience, a lifestyle. It's a testament to Ulivary’s dedication to creating pieces that seamlessly blend form and function, beauty and comfort, elegance and ease.


The Ulivary Charm


Garden Crane Blue Kimono Robe


Ulivary's robes are not just garments; they are a lifestyle. Our design philosophy is deeply rooted in aesthetics and relaxation. Crafted from lush velvet and shimmering charmeuse, our robes add a touch of luxe to your everyday life. They are versatile, easy to style, and oh-so-comfortable. From kimonos for a quiet sleep to robes for a lively lounge, Ulivary provides a range of attire that aligns with your comfort and style.


Reinventing Tradition


Garden Crane Gray Kimono Robe


The timeless kimono, a symbol of grace and elegance, has been thoughtfully incorporated into our design ethos. Our kimonos, redefined with contemporary aesthetics, lend an air of global sophistication. They can be your comfy sleep attire, stylish beach cover-up, or your secret style weapon for a chic street-style look.


The Ulivary Promise


Short Kimono Robe Landscape


Our aim at Ulivary is not to change your life, but to enhance it. We don’t just sell robes; we offer an experience. An experience of beauty, comfort, and serenity. We invite you to embrace our aesthetic, to live in our kimonos, to sleep in our robes, and to lounge in luxury. We urge you to discover the joy of dressing up for yourself, of feeling comfortable yet stylish, and of appreciating the everyday elegance.

Join us in celebrating the art of slow living, of appreciating the moments of tranquility, and of basking in the beauty of the everyday. Choose Ulivary, because we believe that comfort and style can coexist, that everyday attire can be luxe, and that every day is an occasion to celebrate. We await your presence in our journey to redefine fashion and lifestyle. Visit us at Ulivary and make Ulivary a part of your life!




Short Kimono Robe Crane Peacock Blue Kimono Robe


Dragon Floral Kimono Robe Oriental Reversible Kimono Robe

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