Sun-Kissed Bliss with Ulivary: Make your Summer Holiday Unforgettable

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Short Kimono Robe bamboo




Summer has arrived with its azure skies and golden rays. We at Ulivary, a brand with aesthetics at our heart, invite you to dive headfirst into the season of joy and vibrance with our Summer Holiday event. Revel in the spirit of the season with Ulivary's robes, PJs, and kimonos made primarily from luxurious Velvet and Charmeuse.


Unforgettable Nuptials in the Sunshine


Oriental Jacquard Kimono Robe


The most magical moments of our lives often happen under the summer sun, don't they? The two months of summer are traditionally the perfect time for tying the knot. As the season of love blossoms, Ulivary is here to make your wedding day even more special.

We recall our previous blog, 'Enveloped in Elegance: Ulivary for Your Unforgettable Wedding Day', where we explored how Ulivary robes can elevate the elegance of your special day. This summer, experience "Summertime Bliss" as we unveil our ultimate collection of robes, PJs, and kimonos. We take pride in our aesthetic designs, infusing each piece with a touch of serenity and comfort. As you step into a new phase of life, do it in style with Ulivary.


Beach Breezes and Cozy Sleeves: Ulivary's Summer Giveaway



Summer, a time of vacations and lazy days by the beach, is also the perfect time for some exciting giveaways. We're thrilled to announce our Summer Holiday giveaway event. To spice things up, we're offering the chance to win two robes that can be shared between a couple or a pair of best friends. To participate, follow us on Instagram and keep in touch. Imagine cozying up in our soft, luxurious robes, perfect for those cool, beachy breezes. Join in and experience the comfort and style of Ulivary!


Sunset Carnival: Unleash Your Summer Style


White Bridal Robe Dress Set White Bridal Robe Dress Set


To culminate our Summer Holiday event, we're bringing you the "Sunset Carnival". Embrace your summer style with our vibrant robes, PJs, and kimonos. In the spirit of celebration, we're offering a fantastic deal – buy one piece and get the second at 50% off!

There's something captivating about a summer sunset, just like our collection. Let's make those dusky hours even more mesmerizing with Ulivary's fashion-forward and aesthetically pleasing pieces.


Pink Feather Bridal Robe Pink Feather Bridal Robe


At Ulivary, we believe in creating more than just clothes. We believe in creating experiences. From summer weddings to beach vacations and lounging at home, every moment is an opportunity to bask in the beauty of life. We invite you to join our Summer Holiday event and embrace the joy of the season with us.

Whether you're saying 'I do' under the summer sky, unwinding on a beach, or enjoying a summer evening at home, do it with Ulivary. This summer, let's make every moment count. Dive into the season of sunshine and bliss with Ulivary. For more about our design philosophy, visit here.


Pink Feather Bridal Robe


Soak in the sun, relax, and lounge in style with Ulivary this summer. Make your summer holiday unforgettable.




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