Traditional Chinese Keychain Sachets

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Size Lavender
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Sachet with meaning: Four seasons of flowering, each season maintains its personality high-gloss sachet.

  • Cover Fabric: embroidery damask satin.
  • Pendant: a delicate tassel decoration. 
  • how to use a sachet: Delicate fringe trim and detachable brim.
  • Sachet with powder: Provide you with three different styles, warm rose, selected 0.5cm deep red rose particles, using drying method, adjust the negative emotions at home at any time, and warm the warm time with children and lovers.
    Calming lavender, carefully selected "purple bouquet" lavender in the early summer flowering period, adopts adsorption drying technology, soothes the nerves, nourishes emotions, relieves the fatigue of the day, and effectively helps you fall asleep peacefully.
    Soothing wormwood, preferably "wormwood" with the volatile medicinal fragrance of stems and leaves, adopts a drying method to effectively ensure the efficacy of ingredients, dispel cold in the body, activate blood circulation and dredge collaterals, improve the balance of body health, and achieve the effect of relaxing the whole body.
  • Scenes: family, vacation, work, sleep, mood, meditation, sweet moments.

Peach blossoms in spring, full of luck. Summer lotus & pomegranate, showing individuality. Autumn narcissus, quiet and restrained. Winter orchids, plums, elegant taste. Embrace your own personality with the quiet fragrance.

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