White Kimonos for You in Some Ways

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If you're in the middle of planning your wedding, you're probably looking forward to the day when you can finally exhale and enjoy celebrating your love with your soulmate and the people you care about the most. A few thoughtful details can make you feel like royalty, and a great place to start is with a white kimono.


1. When to Wear Your Bridal Robe

  • During Hair and Makeup

Right now, you may be more focused on your wedding dress and bridal lingerie for your big day. But a white kimono is the perfect accessory to put on while you get your hair and makeup done.

  • Honeymoon and Bachelorette Party

It's also the perfect thing to bring with you on your honeymoon! Wear it between your wardrobe change between the ceremony and the reception. Bring it to your bachelorette party and any other bridal party getaways.

  • Keeping Cool on Your Big Day

The silk fabric will keep you cool even as you take care of last-minute details or in case you get some pre-wedding jitters. A white silk kimono is an effortless way to feel calm, cool, and beautiful.

  • A Gift for Your Bridesmaids

Your bridal party will enjoy receiving such a luxurious gift as a wedding day gift in exchange for their support and encouragement. Of course, make sure to get them one in a color other than white. And you can match with the women who mean the most to you while wearing your robes (while standing out in white)!

  • Make It a Night To Remember

You can also wear a white kimono on your wedding night and the rest of the honeymoon, perhaps as a sensual addition to your bridal lingerie. Every time you put on the kimono after that, you and your spouse will be taken right back to that spectacular night.


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2. How to Choose White Kimonos for Your Wedding?

  • Choose Your Color or Pattern

Many brides choose bridal party kimonos in a color (or colors) that coordinate with their wedding day color palette, but shades of white are always a popular choice. 

Brides, don’t forget a kimono for yourself! White or ivory is a natural choice for the bride, but if you love color, there’s no reason not to choose a bridal robe in a color! We’ve seen brides wearing the same color as the bridal party robes, or a lighter shade of the same color to stand out a bit.

  • Find Your Fabric

Fabric choice for bridal party kimono is truly up to personal preference. Satin robes have a silky feel and a touch of shine making them feel a little fancier. Cotton robes are durable, easy to care for, and especially great for warm-weather weddings because they’re breathable. Jersey robes are super soft with a bit of stretch. Allover lace and lace trimmed robes are feminine and romantic.

  • Pick Your Personalization

While a white kimono are a great gift, personalization makes them extra special. Everyone will know their special place on your wedding day by choosing a kimomo embellished with their role. Choose from "Bridesmaid", "Maid of Honor", "Mother of the Bride”, “Flower Girl”, and more!

Alternatively, you can’t go wrong by adding a name or single initial to kimonos, especially if you’re hoping your bridal party will wear them beyond your wedding day. Monograms are another classic and elegant personalization option.


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    3. How to Keep White Kimonos White?

    If you know anything about laundry, you are already familiar with the need to separate the whites and colors. The reason is simple; you don't want any of the coloring from one batch to leak in the wash and stain your white kimonos. In order to keep your white kimonos bright, they need to be washed together and in a completely separate load from your colored clothing.

    Despite your best efforts, sometimes just one colored item mysteriously makes its way into a load of whites, only to cause your previously-white kimonos to come out looking tinged with grey.

    Pulling your clothes out of the wash to find that they're nowhere near as white as they were when you first put them in can be pretty frustrating. Don't fret, though; there are ways that you may be able to refresh your white kimonos and restore their whiteness.

    Follow these tips to get your kimonos white again.

    • Use a Color Remover

    Toss your grey-tinted white kimonos into the wash again and add a color remover product to the mix, making sure to follow the product's instructions carefully.

    • Use White Vinegar to Refresh Your White Kimonos

    Add half a cup of white vinegar to your whites. This may be able to pull the grey or yellow hues that are staining your white kimonos out of the fabric and help renew their original color. Alternatively, you may use a half cup of oxygen bleach to serve the same purpose.

    • Soak Your White Kimonos Before Washing

    Before you toss your white kimonos into the washing machine to rid them of their grey tone, soak them in a pail of hot water with two cups of baking soda for a couple of hours. After that, place them in the washing machine and wash them with an enzyme-rich detergent, which can break down fats, oils, and protein chains. This can be very helpful for stain removal.


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