4 Things About Red Robe You Need to Know

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1. What Does The Color Red Mean?

A popular color among artworks, fashion, and almost everything under the sun, red has made a statement for itself as one of the most important colors.

They say that red is the first color that the human eye can perceive upon birth, next to black and white. This means that humans have had very strong feelings about the symbolisms of the color red since time immemorial. In mood color meanings, red has a natural influence over us and our emotions. To further understand its uses, let us take a look at the history of the color red. A mesmerizing pigment that carries so much meaning and history.

Red is romantic love, and its physical passion. Red speeds up our heart rate, blood flow, and body temperature. Red stimulates our senses of smell and taste, making us more sensitive to our environments. Red also stimulates the adrenal gland, making us more prone to take action and giving us more energy. Red is a physical stimulant. Red is romantic love, and its physical passion. 


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    2. What Does The Red Robe Mean?

    The red robe, also known as the red cassock, is worn by certain members of the Catholic Church who hold specific roles in the hierarchy. The most common wearers of the red robes are cardinals, who are senior members of the clergy and advisors to the Pope. Cardinals are appointed by the Pope and are responsible for choosing the next Pope when the current Pope dies or resigns. The red color of the rebe is symbolic of the blood of martyrs and represents the cardinal's willingness to defend the faith even to the point of shedding his own blood. In addition to cardinals, some bishops and chaplains also wear the red robe as a sign of their office and authority within the Church.


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    3. How to Pick The Best Red Robe?

    While women's red robes should be loose-fitting and comfortable, there is a chance that you could get a red robe that is too small, too large, too short, or too long. Especially if you're buying online!

    Our red robes typically come in two lengths: above the knee and mid-calf length. A mid-calf length robe is popular during the colder months, while shorter robes are great for summer when going to the pool, beach, or spa.

    We recommend that you take measurements before purchasing your red robe so that you can check against the size chart and find the best fit for you. Please note the following aspects:

    1. Sleeve length: from shoulder to wrist.
    2. Shoulder width: measure from one shoulder edge to the other.
    3. Bust: For women, measure the circumference around the bust line.
    4. Robe Length: Measure from the middle of the neck to the knee, the middle of the calf, or the ankle, depending on the length you choose.

    HINT: With a chest and hip measurement of up to 45 inches, our women's robes fit almost all US sizes ranging from S to 2XL, with 1X and 2X plus also available.


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    4. How to Care Your Best Red Robe?

    Given that you'll wear your red robe frequently, it needs to be washed and cared for carefully. If you look after it properly, it can last for many years to come!

    We recommend washing your silk robe in the washing machine on cold/gentle with a mild detergent or by hand. Wash alone or with similar items. Don’t use fabric softeners or bleach on your robe, as these products can cause damage to the delicate fabric. Similarly, grooming products containing alcohol can also be hard on the robe’s fabric - so avoid spraying hair and body products while wearing.

    Depending on the type of material used, you may need to follow different cleaning instructions so always check the label.

    Finally, to keep your robe looking clean and unwrinkled, always allow it to dry completely before hanging it in a cool, dry wardrobe.

    1. Iron your satin robe while it’s still a bit damp. 
    2. Spot test the temperature of your iron in a non-noticeable location to make sure the temperature is fine.
    3. Pass the iron quickly across the surface of the satin robe if you are ironing satin robes with only light wrinkles. 
    4. Less is more! Start with the lowest possible temperature and increase only as needed.

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