How to Take Care Your Dressing Gown

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How Often Should You Wash Your Dressing Gown?

Unlike other intimate articles of clothing, such as undershirts or socks, there is no need to wash your silk robe after every wear. Instead, it is recommended to wash your robe approximately once a month to maintain its freshness and cleanliness. Adhering to this washing cadence can contribute to the longevity of your robe by avoiding excessive washing.

When in doubt, a simple sniff test can be employed to determine if washing is necessary. This practice not only helps in preserving the fabric and color of the robe but also ensures that it remains comfortable and odor-free. Overwashing may lead to unnecessary wear and tear, affecting the overall quality and lifespan of the garment.

In conclusion, adopting a monthly washing routine for your robe strikes a balance between cleanliness and preserving its condition. This approach not only saves water and energy but also extends the life of your robe, allowing you to enjoy its comfort and coziness for a longer duration.

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How to Fold A Dressing Gown?

When folding a dressing gown, you want to make sure you showcase its design while being mindful of its delicate nature.

Step 1: Lay Your Dressing Gown on a Flat Surface

Lay the dressing gown on a large, flat surface. The sleeves should be flat on the sides and the robe’s opening on top.

Take the right opening of the robe and lay it flat down mid way. Then, take the left opening and lay it flat down mid way as well.

The left side may slightly overlap the right side. Smooth out the robe with your hands to remove wrinkles.

Step 2: Fold the Sleeves

Both sleeves should be folded across the front of the robe. First, take the right sleeve and fold it to the left side.

Next, take the left sleeve and fold it over the right sleeve. Don’t forget to smooth down each sleeve before and after each fold.

Step 3: Make a Rectangle

Fold the robe lengthwise and in half. Adjust the fold until you make a rectangle.

Your rectangle should be very flat. Use your hands to smooth out the rectangle. 

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How to Tie A Dressing Gown?

1. Put on the Dressing Gown

Slide your arms through the wide sleeves and make sure the belt is attached to your dressing gown, specifically placed in the belt loops.

2. Cross the Front Panels

While wearing the dressing gown, take the left front panel and cross it securely over the right front panel. You can pull the left front panel as snugly as you prefer over the right. 

3. Tie the Inside Loops (if applicable)

Some dressing gowns have inside loops located on the interior of the robe. They are often next to the left robe half around the left elbow area and along the right robe half. If this is the case with yours, make sure to secure the two ties tightly, taking the left tie end and tying it with the right tie end. 

4. Secure the Dressing Gown

With both front panels overlapping, take the belt that is attached to your dressing gown and tie it to the side of your dressing gown. You can do so by making a simple double knot or the same way you would tie a bowtie. 

5. Adjust the Tightness

Once you’ve tied the dressing gown belt ends tightly, make sure to adjust the tightness as needed so that the dressing gown feels secure, yet comfortable.

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How to Keep a Dressing Gown Fluffy?

There's no feeling quite as delicious as wrapping yourself up a soft, snuggly dressing gown when you step out of the shower. But how can you make sure it stays just as soft and fluffy, wash after wash?


Wash your dressing gown on its own at 40 degrees or less with detergent and fabric softener. Always choose a gentle laundry detergent without additives as this will help protect the fibres. Your dressing gown will get even softer and fluffier for up to the first three washes.

Tumble dry

Once it’s washed, pop the dressing gown in the tumble dryer on a low heat. Tumble drying is the best method to help preserve the look and feel of the pile of a dressing gown.

Hang it up

After using your dressing gown, hang it up in an aired bathroom between washes, ideally with the window open, as this will help keep it fresher for longer.

Once your robe is fully dry, it’s all ready for you to snuggle up in again.

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