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1. Reasons Why You Need A Beach Kimono

  • Preplanning for A Beach Vacation

You'll almost certainly spend some time at the beach if you're going on a beach vacation. So, you actually only need three types of apparel and three wardrobe options for a beach holiday; attire for the beach, such as resort wear (for when you're hanging out at the resort), exploring clothing, and beachwear. Today, we'll talk about beach attire, which, of course, includes beach kimonos

If you think about it, the solution to the question of what to dress on a beach can be rather straightforward. Of course, a swimsuit! There isn't much to it. But if you're doing your research and reading this, I'm guessing you're putting a little more thought into what you wear and want to make sure you have everything you need. Because nothing is more annoying than forgetting to pack essential products or packing everything, you think you'll need but not like any of it.

  • What Is The Purpose of A Beach Kimono?

Beach kimonos are crucial, in our opinion, and we never go to the beach without one. Why? Beach kimonos provide sun protection. While many of us visit the beach to achieve that gorgeous sun-kissed glow, too much sun exposure is harmful.

Excessive sun exposure produces wrinkles age spots, speeds up the aging process, and raises the risk of skin cancer. On Google, you can learn more about the impacts of sun exposure.

A beach kimono for women is a trendy method to protect oneself from the sun if you're going to spend the entire day reclining at the beach—plan on wearing a beach kimono for at least part of the day.

Put on your beach kimono after you've spent some time in the sun to keep safe for the rest of the day, or alternate between bikini alone and your beach kimono every couple of hours.

A beach kimono is not only necessary for sun protection, but it is also a highly practical item. You'll want to wear something to cover yourself when walking to and from the beach, especially if you're strolling through common areas like the lobby or a bar. Because most resort pools are only a short walk away, a beach kimono is an essential if you don't want to walk around in just your bikini.

When it comes to choosing a beach kimono as a part of beachwear and resort wear, think of the right fit which is closely related to knowing your body type. When you know your best body features and those which you do not wish to highlight, it becomes quite easy to pick beach kimono that best suit you.


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    2. Five Useful Tips to Help You Choose Stylish Beach Kimonos

    • Pay Attention to the Fabric Type

    While choosing your beach cover ups, look for breathable fabrics that require easy care. We recommend bikini cover ups or beach kimonos in cotton, rayon, or charmeuse and lightweight kaftans.

    • Consider Length

    Beach kimonos are available in various lengths, so choose what best suits you. If you believe that your legs are your best features, opt for short beach kimonos to flaunt them. If you are looking for something modest, try the knee-length numbers and maxi styles that are quite popular this season.

    • Know Your Style

    Try and incorporate your personal style into your beach kimonos choices as well. Whether you are a classic-love-your-black kind or prefer to wear colorful numbers with exotic prints, or wish to experiment with something else entirely, just go for it, and never hesitate to choose beach kimonos that reflect your personality.

    • Don’t Be Scared of Volume

    Beach kimonos are all about the flowy, loose, and lovely effect. The fabric is usually sheer which makes your shape or outline visible. Don’t be afraid to show off the curves that you’ve got!

    • Use them for Effortless Beach to Party Transformation

    Make sure to buy a beach kimono that works well with thongs and a hat to relax at the beach or by the poolside, and can double as an after-hours outfit with a statement earring and sexy wedges.


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